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Tools for an anxious mind

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Follow this course to take control of your anxiety. Work through the 7 modules in your own time and learn what anxiety is, why it's there and what you need to do about it. Practical tools and techniques that work. This is information from a wide variety of different psychological approaches so it includes all best stuff from CBT to mindfulness to compassion focused therapy to psycho-education - all in one place. Based on evidenced based research and practice and written by an experienced therapist who specialises in anxiety related issues. This is information and knowledge that everyone should have that has ever had to cope with anxiety. She has included all the things that she has seen work best with clients - practical everyday psychology that needs to be shared. This course is perfect for someone that is unsure whether they want to see a therapist (or is not ready) but knows they need to take some practical steps to help them manage anxious thoughts or feelings or both. Also great as a reminder to those who have undertaken therapy in the past.

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